ENA-DC activities

Weekly meetings

Every Friday, 2pm, room K071, Porte des Alpes campus.

EDA workshops

The French-speaking workshop series on Data Warehousing and On-line Analysis aims to offer a regular meeting framework to researchers, industrials and users interested in the latest scientific and technological advances in this domain. More information...

AIDE workshop

Colocated with the EGC 2012 conference, this workshop aims at creating a meeting, exchange and reflexion space for researchers in all domains of decision support. More information...

Project: Detection of complex phenomena in oral linguistic corpora

This interdisciplinary project is a collaboration wirh linguists from the ICAR lab. It aims at automatically indentifying the complex phenomena that come up in interactions, i.e., sequences such as the opening or closure of the interaction, acknowledgements, conflicts, jokes, complaints, emotional sequences, commercial interactions, etc. It exploits the CLAPI corpus database developed by ERIC and ICAR.

  • Duration: 18 months (2009-2011)
  • Funding: 20,000 € (Université Lyon 2)