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- A time-varying model to simulate a collective decisional problem. hal link

Author(s): Imoussaten Abdelhak, Montmain Jacky, Rico A., Rico F.

Book chapter: Communications In Computer And Information Science, vol. p.56-71 (2013)

Ref HAL: hal-00808600_v1
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A group of agents is faced with a collective decisional problem. The corresponding debate is viewed as a dynamic process. An initial theoretical model based on a multicriteria decision framework was proposed in [7], yet without semantic justifications and any explicit dynamic representation. A second descriptive model has been proposed in [6], according to which social influences and argumentation strategy govern the dynamics of the debate. This paper seeks to justify the equations introduced in [7], using the semantic concepts discussed in [6], in order to provide a model for a debate held within the framework of control theory that explicitly lays out the dynamic aspects and moreover offers additional perspectives for purposes of controlling the debate