DECision and COmplexity Axis

The research in the DECCO axis (DECision and COmplexity) involves: analysis of decision–making, modeling of the collective or multiple–criteria decision, simulation of the negotiation process, dynamic aggregation of individual preferences, decision support, modeling of complex networks and their evolution, the study of social networks.

Our objective, regarding the decision–making, is to develop new mathematical models in order to better model and understand the different decision–making processes that take place in complex environments. As far as complex networks are concerned, our objective is to develop new models in order to study these networks while taking into account their complexity (dynamic structure, heterogeneity, etc.). In both cases, most of the proposed models use agent–based simulations to test, analyze, or illustrate the results.

This axis is organised into several strands:

  • Collective decision
  • Negotiation
  • Complex Networks
  • Decision support systems

The team members are highly involved in the postgraduate taught degree programs (Master ECD, Master IIDEE, ...) and, especially in the European Master Data Mining and Knowledge Management (Master Erasmus Mundus).