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+ United we stand: Using multiple strategies for topic labeling doi link

Author(s): Gourru A., Velcin J., Roche Mathieu, Gravier Christophe, Poncelet Pascal

Conference: NLDB: Natural Language Processing and Information Systems (Paris, FR, 2018-06-13)
Proceedings: 23rd International Conference on Applications of Natural Language to Information Systems, vol. LNCS p.352-363 (2018)

+ Readitopics: Make Your Topic Models Readable via Labeling and Browsing hal link

Author(s): Velcin J., Gourru A., Giry-Fouquet Erwan, Gravier Christophe, Roche Mathieu, Poncelet Pascal

Conference: IJCAI: International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (Stockholm, SE, 2018-07-13)
Proceedings: 27th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, vol. p. (2018)

+ Elaboration, mise en œuvre et analyse d’un mod`ele de description d’objets arch´eologiques complexes hal link

Author(s): Oztürk A.

(Theses) , 2018

+ Model-based co-clustering for mixed type data hal link

Author(s): Selosse M., Jacques J., Biernacki Christophe

(Document without bibliographic reference)

+ Sugeno Integral for Rule-Based Ordinal Classification hal link

Author(s): Brabant Quentin, Couceiro Miguel, Dubois Didier, Prade Henri, Rico A.

Conference: IJCAI-ECAI 2018 - Workshop on Learning and Reasoning: Principles and Applications to Everyday Spatial and Temporal Knowledge (Stockholm, SE, 2018-07-13)

+ Contributions from ADBIS 2018 Workshops doi link

Author(s): Bub Udo, Dahanayake Ajantha, Darmont J., Diamantini Claudia, Fassetti Fabio, Fermé Eduardo, Kabachi N., Matteucci Ilaria, Molnár Bálint, Navathe Sham, Oro Ermelinda, Petrocchi Marinella, Rombo Simona, Ruffolo Massimo, Spognardi Angelo, Thalheim Bernhard, Ursino Domenico

Book: Springer;Springer Verlag, vol. 909 (2018) 91-102

+ Predictive maintenance from event logs using wavelet-based features: an industrial application hal link

Author(s): Bonnevay S., Cugliari J., Granger Victoria

(Document without bibliographic reference)

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