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Jeu. 28/09/2017 10:00 Salle polyvalente - Bâtiment i

DAVIDSON Ian (University of California - Davis)
Adding Humans to Machine Learning


Existing machine learning typically learns from just data and does not readily accept human input. However, in many domains considerable domain expertise already exists and encoding this human expertise has significant benefits. We describe several ways of encoding domain expertise via guided, transfer and active learning for formulations of clustering, learning to rank and classification. We describe work with collaborators to demonstrate uses of our work in neuroscience, education and DoD applications.

Bio: Ian Davidson obtained his Ph.D. in 2000 from Monash University, Australia. He is currently a Professor in the department of Computer Science. Along the way his research has been sponsored by NSF, Yahoo!, Google and various DoD sponsors such as ONR, OSD and NMRC. In his copious spare time he enjoys sports (cycling and golf) and playing with his kids.

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