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JACQUES Julien      
Position : Responsable de l'équipe DMD
Organism : Lyon2
Doctoral advisor of : SELOSSE M., SCHMUTZ A., NAGBE K., BEN SLIMEN Y.,
Team: DMD (supervisor of)
Room: K067, Build.: K - Site : PDA

Research Topics: ?
  • math/math.math-st
  • stat/stat.ap
  • stat/
  • info/
  • chim/chim.anal
  • info/
  • stat
  • stat/
Last scientific productions :
+ Clustering multivariate functional data in group-specific functional subspaces hal link

Author(s): Schmutz A., Jacques J., Bouveyron Charles, Cheze Laurence, Martin Pauline

(Document without bibliographic reference)

+ Analyzing health quality survey using constrained co-clustering model for ordinal data and some dynamic implication hal link

Author(s): Selosse M., Jacques J., Biernacki Christophe, Cousson-Gélie Florence

(Document without bibliographic reference)

+ Anomaly Prevision in Radio Access Networks Using Functional Data Analysis hal link

Author(s): Ben Slimen Y., Allio Sylvain, Jacques J.

Conference: IEEE GlobeCom 2017 (Singapour, SG, 2017-12-04)
Proceedings: , vol. p. (2017)

+ The Functional Latent Block Model for the Co-Clustering of Electricity Consumption Curves hal link

Author(s): Bouveyron Charles, Bozzi Laurent, Jacques J., Jollois François-Xavier

(Document without bibliographic reference) 2017-06-01

+ Model-based co-clustering for ordinal data hal link

Author(s): Jacques J., Biernacki Christophe

Invited Conference: 23th Summer Working Group on Model-Based Clustering of the Department of Statistics of the University of Washington (Paris, FR, 2016-07-18)