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- Speed prediction of the sport horse from accelerometric and gyroscopic data hal link

Auteur(s): Schmutz A., Jacques J., Cheze Laurence, Martin Pauline

(Affiches/Poster) 4th International Workshop on Functional and Operatorial Statistics (LA COROGNE, ES), 2017

Ref HAL: hal-01770173_v1
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With the growth of connected and smart sport devices to improve performance, this kind of object is developed for equestrian sports. An accelerometer and a gyroscope are put on horse withers. It collects data from the 3 space directions (x, y, z) and it allows calculation of parameters that characterize motion like cranio-caudal, medio-lateral and dorsoventral energies or gallop frequency. The objective is to predict the speed of the horse per second with an exactness of 0,6 m/s in order to have a new parameter characteristic of the horse motion.

Commentaires: 4th International Workshop on Functional and Operatorial Statistics, LA COROGNE, ESPAGNE, 15-/06/2014 - 17/06/2014