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- A New Tool for Textual Aggregation in OLAP Context hal link

Auteur(s): Bouakkaz Mustapha, Loudcher S., Ouinten Youcef

Conference: International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS 2016) (Rome, IT, 2016-04-25)

Ref HAL: halshs-01384654_v1
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We present in this paper a system for textual aggregation from scientific documents in the online analytical processing (OLAP) context. The system extracts keywords automatically from a set of documents according to the lists compiled in the Microsoft Academia Search web site. It gives the user the possibility to choose their methods of aggregation among the implemented ones. That is TOP-Keywords, TOPIC, TUBE, TAG, BienCube and GOTA. The performance of the chosen methods, in terms of recall, precision, F-measure and runtime, is investigated with two real corpora ITINNOVATION and OHSUMED with 600 and 13,000 scientific articles respectively, other corpora can be integrated to the system by users.