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- A Novel Multi-Secret Sharing Approach for Secure Data Warehousing and On-Line Analysis Processing in the Cloud hal link

Auteur(s): Attasena V., Harbi N., Darmont J.

(Article) Publié: International Journal Of Data Warehousing And Mining, vol. 11 p.21-42 (2015)

Ref HAL: hal-01059693_v1

Cloud computing can help reduce costs, increase business agility and deploy solutions with a high return on investment for many types of applications, including data warehouses and on-line analytical processing. However, storing and transferring sensitive data into the cloud rais-es legitimate security concerns. In this paper, we propose a new multi-secret sharing approach for deploying a data warehouse in the cloud and allowing on-line analysis processing, while enforcing data privacy, integrity and availability. We first validate the relevance of our ap-proach theoretically, and then experimentally with both a simple random dataset and the Star Schema Benchmark. We also demonstrate its superiority to related, existing methods.