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- Visualization of temporal text collections based on Correspondence Analysis doi link

Auteur(s): Šilić Arthur, Morin Annie, Chauchat J.-H., Bašić Bojana Dalbelo

(Article) Publié: Expert Systems With Applications, vol. 39 p..12143-12157 (2012)

Ref HAL: hal-00712590_v1
DOI: 10.1016/j.eswa.2012.04.040

In this paper, we present CatViz--Temporally-Sliced Correspondence Analysis Visualization. This novel method visualizes relationships through time and is suitable for large-scale temporal multivariate data. We couple CatViz with clustering methods, whereupon we introduce the concept of final centroid transfer, which enables the correspondence of clusters in time. Although CatViz can be used on any type of temporal data, we show how it can be applied to the task of exploratory visual analysis of text collections. We present a successful concept of employing feature-type filtering to present different aspects of textual data. We performed case studies on large collections of French and English news articles. In addition, we conducted a user study that confirms the usefulness of our method. We present typical tasks of exploratory text analysis and discuss application procedures that an analyst might perform. We believe that CatViz is general and highly applicable to large data sets because of its intuitiveness, effectiveness, and robustness. We expect that it will enable a better understanding of texts in huge historical archives.