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- Graded cubes of opposition and possibility theory with fuzzy events

Author(s): Dubois Didier, Prade Henri, Rico A.(Corresp.)

(Article) Published: International Journal Of Approximate Reasoning, vol. p.168-185 (2017)


The paper discusses graded extensions of the cube of opposition, a structure that naturally emerges from the square of opposition in philosophical logic. These extensions of the cube of opposition agree with possibility theory and its four set functions. This extended cube then provides a synthetic and unified view of possibility theory. This is an opportunity to revisit basic notions of possibility theory, in particular regarding the handling of fuzzy events. It turns out that in possibility theory, two extensions of the four basic set functions to fuzzy events exist, which are needed for serving different purposes. The expressions of these extensions involve many-valued conjunction and implication operators that are related either via semi-duality or via residuation.