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- Artificial Evolution doi link

Author(s): Bonnevay S., Legrand Pierrick, Monmarché Nicolas, Lutton Evelyne, Schoenauer Marc

Book: Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, vol. 9554 (2016)

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-31471-6

This LNCS volume includes the best papers presented at the 12th Biennial International Conference on Artificial Evolution, EA1 2015, held in Lyon (France). Previous EA editions took place in Bordeaux (2013), Angers (2011), Strasbourg (2009), Tours (2007), Lille (2005), Marseille (2003), Le Creusot (2001), Dunkerque (1999), Nimes (1997), Brest (1995), and Toulouse (1994). Authors were invited to present original work relevant to artificial evolution, including, but not limited to: evolutionary computation, evolutionary optimization, co-evolution, artificial life, population dynamics, theory, algorithmics and modeling, implementations, application of evolutionary paradigms to the real world (industry, biosciences), other biologically inspired paradigms (swarm, artificial ants, artificial immune systems, cultural algorithms), memetic algorithms, multi-objective optimization, constraint handling, parallel algorithms, dynamic optimization, machine learning, and hybridization with other soft computing techniques.