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+ Méthodes et modèles de construction automatisée d'ontologies pour des domaines spécialisés hal link

Author(s): Orobinska O.

(Theses) , 2017

+ Predictive Maintenance of Smartmeter's Concentrators hal link

Author(s): Cugliari J., Bonnevay S., Achaicha Pierre

Conference: European Network for Business and Industrial Statistics (Naples, IT, 2017-09)

+ Dynamic Bayesian Networks with Gaussian Mixture Models for Short-Term Passenger Flow Forecasting hal link

Author(s): Roos J., Bonnevay S., Gavin G.

Conference: International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Knowledge Engineering (Nanjing - Jiangsu, CN, 2017-11)

+ Prévision à court terme des flux de voyageurs du réseau ferré urbain : une approche par les réseaux bayésiens dynamiques hal link

Author(s): Roos J., Bonnevay S., Gavin G.

Conference: Conference on the Extraction and Management of Knowledge (Grenoble, FR, 2017-01-24)

+ Combining imperfect knowledge of maybe corrupted sources doi link

Author(s): Gavin G., Bonnevay S.

Conference: 2017 ISEA Asia Security and Privacy (ISEASP) (Surat, FR, 2017-01-29)

+ Speed prediction of the sport horse from accelerometric and gyroscopic data hal link

Author(s): Schmutz A., Jacques J., Cheze Laurence, Martin Pauline

(Posters) 4th International Workshop on Functional and Operatorial Statistics (LA COROGNE, ES), 2017

+ Model-based co-clustering for functional data hal link

Author(s): Jacques J.

Invited Conference: CM Statistics 2017 (London, GB, 2017-12-16)

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