Entrepôts, Représentation et Ingénierie des Connaissances
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RICO Agnès      
Organism : Lyon1
Maître de Conférences
Team: DMD
Other research theme(s) or assignment(s) :
Room: 105 - Site : Doua

Research Activities:     
Intégrale de Sugeno
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Last scientific productions :
+ Graded cubes of opposition and possibility theory with fuzzy events

Author(s): Dubois Didier, Prade Henri, Rico A.(Corresp.)

(Article) Published: International Journal Of Approximate Reasoning, vol. p.168-185 (2017)

+ Organizing families of aggregation operators into a cube of opposition

Author(s): Dubois Didier, Prade Henri(Corresp.), Rico A.

Book chapter: Organizing Families Of Aggregation Operators Into A Cube Of Opposition, vol. p.27-47 (2016)

+ An axiomatisation of discrete possibilistic Choquet integrals

Author(s): Dubois Didier, Rico A.(Corresp.)

Conference: Foundations of Utility and Risk 2016 (FUR) (Warwick, GB, 2016-06-27)

+ Axiomatisation of discrete fuzzy integrals with respect to possibility and necessity measures hal link

Author(s): Rico A.

Conference: 13th International Conference on Modeling Decisions for Artificial Intelligence (MDAI 2016) (Sant Julia de Loria, AD, 2016-09-19)
Proceedings: Modeling Decisions for Artificial Intelligence, vol. p.pp. 94-105 (2016)

+ Residuated variants of Sugeno integrals: Towards new weighting schemes for qualitative aggregation methods doi link

Author(s): Dubois Didier, Prade Henri, Rico A.

(Article) Published: Information Sciences, vol. vol. 329 p.pp. 765-781 (2016)