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CUGLIARI Jairo      
Position : Responsable des séminaires
Organism : Lyon2
Maître de Conférences

Doctoral co-advisor of : CHRISTOPHE C., NAGBE K.,
Team: DMD
Room: 64, Build.: K - Site : Bron

Research Topics: ?
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Last scientific productions :
+ Scalable Clustering of Individual Electrical Curves for Profiling and Bottom-Up Forecasting doi link

Author(s): Auder Benjamin, Cugliari J., Goude Yannig, Poggi Jean-Michel

(Article) Published: Energies, vol. 11 p.1893 (2018)
Links openAccess full text : openaccess

+ Interaction or Correlation? An analysis of Choquet integral approach in MCDA real situations hal link

Author(s): Rolland A., Cugliari J.

Conference: DA2PL 2018 workshop (Poznan, PL, 2018-11)

+ Simulation of multicriteria data hal link

Author(s): Cugliari J., Rolland A.

(Article) Published: Euro Journal On Decision Processes, vol. 6 p.21-37 (2018)

+ Predictive maintenance from event logs using wavelet-based features: an industrial application doi link

Author(s): Bonnevay S., Cugliari J., Granger Victoria

(Document without bibliographic reference)

+ Bagging of Density Estimators doi link

Author(s): Bourel Mathias, Cugliari J.

(Article) Published: Computational Statistics, vol. p. (2019)
Links openAccess full text : arXiv