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KIM Young-Min      
Position : Post-doctorant
Team: DMD
Room: 062, Build.: K - Site : Campus porte des alpes

Research Topics: ?
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Scientific productions :
+ Temporal Multinomial Mixture for Instance-oriented Evolutionary Clustering hal link

Author(s): Kim Y.-M., Velcin J., Bonnevay S., Rizoiu M.-A.

Conference: 37th European Conference on Information Retrieval (Vienna, AT, 2015-03-29)
Proceedings: , vol. p. ()

+ Investigating the Image of Entities in Social Media: Dataset Design and First Results

Author(s): Velcin J.(Corresp.), Kim Y.-M., Brun Caroline, Dormagen Jean-yves, Sanjuan Eric, Khouas Leila, Peradotto Anne, Bonnevay S., Roux Claude, Boyadjian Julien, Molina Alejandro, Neihouser Marie

Conference: Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (, IS, 2014-05-26)
Proceedings: Proceedings of the LREC Conference, vol. p.To appear (2014)